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HOME – Tulsa Skunk Removal

Visit our main websites at Oklahoma Wildlife Control for more information. Thank you.

Why Us You Ask? It’s Simple …

Thank you for visiting OK Wildlife Control®, L.L.C. Unfortunately, we are not a pest extermination company. However, we will remove Honey Bees instead of destroying them. If you are in need of a pest control company for termites, ants, roaches, scorpions, spiders or other pests … we recommend our good friends at Barry’s Pest Control Services for prompt and professional service. It’s who we use ourselves.

Oklahoma Wildlife Control® Limited Liability Company employees, and wildlife subcontractors are Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator certified by the State of Oklahoma. Reginald Murray himself, has more than 25 years of experience in the wildlife control industry. Combined with the rest of the staff, the Oklahoma Wildlife Control®, L.L.C. has more than 60 years experience to bring to each wildlife situation. There is no other company found in Oklahoma or Texas, that is better prepared to serve your wildlife or nuisance animal related needs. You can see some of our credentials here or by visiting our staff page on this website.

The Best Part About OK Wildlife Control® L.L.C.

It is difficult to pinpoint a single “best part” about O.W.C., but if we have to try then here’s the attempt. The Oklahoma Wildlife Control® Limited Liability Company … unlike some other companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and surrounding areas … we WILL NOT over-charge a client for items, equipment and materials that are not needed. With the Oklahoma Wildlife Control® Limited Liability Company our clients pay straight labor and actual material costs for attic repairs, clean-outs, wildlife damage repairs and other related items when needed or required … not when merely suggested. We work hand in hand with insurance companies to achieve the maximum legal coverage that a clients insurance policy allows for covered wildlife problems, without “scamming” the insurance company and leaving the fraudulent activity in the laps of our clients.

Honesty is just one of many reasons that Oklahoma Wildlife Control® Limited Liability Company is called on by the Federal Government Entities, State Government Entities, Local Government Entities, Township Entities, Industrial or Commercial Properties and Private Land Owners to perform their wildlife control requirements and damage repairs.

Where exactly do these services get rendered? To all of Oklahoma. These can be found by clicking here. ALL COUNTIES, ALL TOWNSHIPS, ALL PROPERTY OWNERS, TENANTS, BUSINESSES or any other entity with a nuisance or predatory wildlife problem.

We understand that economic times are difficult on everyone, regardless of their position or stature in society, so the Oklahoma Wildlife Control® Limited Liability Company offers payment plans. We do this because our primary concern is the resolve of your wildlife problem.

What wildlife problems does the Oklahoma Wildlife Control® Limited Liability Company take care of exactly? A listing of those can be found by following the “WILDLIFE” link, and then clicking on the species of concern to gain more information. But we have listed them below as well.

The Oklahoma Wildlife Control® Limited Liability Company resolves problems with Alligator, Armadillo, Badger, Bats, Bear, Beaver, Birds, Bobcat, Cougar, Coyote, Deer, Exotics, Feral Swine, Foxes, Geese, Gopher, Honey Bees, Mink, Mole, Muskrats, Opossum, Otter, Porcupine, Rabbit, Raccoon, Skunk, Snakes, Turtles, Squirrel and more.

Is the Oklahoma Wildlife Control® Limited Liability Company the best in the business? In their own words “ABSOLUTELY” … Reginald Murray, has personally consulted with and trained some of the other “Competitors” in Oklahoma. Don’t call another company to get a “student”, when you can get the INSTRUCTOR to resolve your problem personally.

Visit our main website at http://oklahomawildlifecontrol.com/

Bat Removal – We remove bats without harming them. Completely humane bat removal utilizing the preferred method of Complete Bat exclusions and one way bat excluders. Never touch a bat, please let a professional properly handle them. Bats are very delicate and / or could be carriers of rabies. We take EXTREME caution when removing bats from the third week of March through the last week of August. This is breeding season, and it’s when maternity colonies are established.

Honey Bee Removal – We will not kill honey bees. We offer the most professional removal services for honey bee removal, and we hive the bees after removal on our own property. Many times, a “cut out” needs to be performed in order to remove the honey and brood combs from the walls of structure. This is done professionally instead of simply “trapping out” the honey bees, or spraying unwanted pesticides on them. By removing the honey and combs, and disinfecting and sanitizing the wall voids … this ensures that you will not have ants entering, or honey and brood rot seeping through the interior walls of your structure. Call a “hobby bee keeper” if you want a quick temporary fix. Call us if you want a Professional Permanent Solution.

Beaver Removal – Beavers are known for their damage to trees but they can dig dens into man made dams that will weaken and leak. They also build their own dams to hold the water back sometimes causing flooding into yards, fields or roadways. Several different effective removal methods are used to capture unwanted beavers. We also install custom flood gates in earthen levies (retention dams) around ponds to control flooding and to deter beavers.

Coyote Trapper – Coyotes, coy-dogs and coyote attacks are in the news. Are you tired of hearing about all the pets stolen by these sneaky predators? Coyote control and predator management is one of our specialties. We offer more than 50 years of combined experience in predator control and removal to bring to bear on the coyote problems that you are faced with. Be it a lobo coyote taking your beloved pet, or packs removing your livestock through predation, we will resolve this issue for you in the most effective and professional manner possible.

Ground Hog Removal – Ground Hogs, Whistle Pigs, Wood Chucks … all names for the same varmint. Ground hogs can cause a lot of damage by digging under sheds, wood piles and foundations. Ground hogs can also do damage to gardens, flowers and plants. Humane and safe cage trapping to remove them, and exclusion methods can be done to keep them from coming back under structures.

Pocket Gopher Removal – We trap pocket gophers, and use the best proven methods available today for controlling these terrors in yards, in fields, on golf courses and all other lawns.

Mole Removal and Mole Control- We trap and remove moles using the best scientifically proven methods, no pesticides – no chemicals! Moles do not hibernate, so we also offer year round mole trapping services.

Raccoon Removal – These animals are the number one problem, nuisance or predatory wildlife pest in throughout most of North America. They can gain access to your attic or home and cause severe damage. Raccoons also carry diseases such as roundworm and rabies. They are one of the most destructive predators you can find in regards to the “ground nesting” birds such as Turkey and Quail, along with skunks and opossums. We can set humane traps to remove unwanted raccoons.

Opossum Removal – The Virginia Opossums usually live under dwellings. They will find their way into crawl spaces, under mobile homes and under decks. Opossums will eat just about anything they can scavenge up, including most everything in your trash cans. We can humanely remove these from your property, and exclude or “proof” your property or structures from them regaining access.

Skunk Removal – Skunks, or “polecats” are one of the top two rabies carriers in the United States. These little animals like to dig under concrete or decks to find places to live. Leaving a garage door open is very inviting for them and often find pet food there. They also can tear up a yard looking for grubs, worms and other ground dwelling insects. When threatened they can spray their strong musk odor up to 30 feet. We can trap & remove skunks with out them spraying, provide skunk proofing or exclusion services, as well as odor control.

Squirrel Removal – Squirrels are famous to be a real problem in attics or soffits. Squirrels can damage the wires and make a lot of noise during the day in an attic. Small traps are used at the entry point to remove them, and after all squirrels are caught the access point must be securely repaired. We may also recommend other ways of squirrel removal or control.

Muskrat Removal – Muskrats also like to burrow into man made dams in ponds or lakes that could break way over time. They will also burrow their tunnels into shorelines of yards that cave in over time. In yards they will eat plants and bark off of trees. Muskrats multiply quickly and can be caught under water in traps. We offer pond control service plans which specifically target these nuisance rodents.

Dead Animal Removal – If you have a dead animal on or in your property or structures, we can remove dead animals, sanitize and deodorize the area. Don’t remove the dead animals yourself, if you are absolutely sure of what they dies from. Dead animals could have expired from a pathogen that is contagious to humans.

Snake & Reptile Removal – We offer several solutions to snake and reptile removal in Oklahoma, including emergency removals. Snakes, Lizards, Turtles, Alligators, Caiman, and Exotic Species such as monitors are no problem for us to remove. We remove the problem reptiles, and release them on our own property. We offer pond control plans for “stock tanks” to protect your livestock, and koi ponds to protect your beautiful investments from these disease or venom carrying species. Contact us today for a professional solution which does not place unwanted chemical poisons or deterrents on your property. Serving all of Oklahoma.

Reginald Murray Oklahoma Wildlife Control Baby Skunks Removed From A Wall in Sand Springs For The City.

Reginald Murray of Oklahoma Wildlife Control with four baby skunks removed from a wall in Sand Springs, OK ... on one of the city properties.

Sand Springs Oklahoma Wildlife Control Skunks Removed Captured Trapper Trapping Trapped Trap Relocated Humane Unharmed

3 baby Skunks removed from a garage in Sand Springs. Once we get mom, they will be reunited, and relocated to our property, away from people or urban developments.

Sand Springs Oklahoma Wildlife Control Skunk Removal Remove Capture Trap Trapping Trapper Humane Proof Proofing

A Mother skunk, removed from a garage in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, is reunited with her three babies, just prior to releasing them on our own property.

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